Worldwide Scottish & Highland Brigade-1815

The Scottish & Highland Brigade is a worldwide "non-association" of associated units portraying Highland and Scottish regiments of the British Army during the Napoleonic era.
Many of the units belong to the Napoleonic Association of the UK, or to Crown Forces North America, but there is no requirement for such as part of the W.W.S.H.B. In fact, to be a part of the Highland Brigade there are no dues, applications or membership fees! Too good to be true? Not at all!

Waterloo 1995

To date, the Brigade consists of the 42nd UK, 79th UK, 42nd in Germany, 42nd Italy, 42nd in Australia, 92nd in the Netherlands, the 93rd USA, and now the Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons) USA. All are actively recruiting and also accept ladies and family members. New units to the time period are also welcome to join in or form. Units and individual unit members communicate with each other via exchange of newsletters, mail, fax, email, and a message board forum.

The Brigade serves to establish a friendly comradeship worldwide and also a standard drill and other basic forms of the historic impression. This is so whenever any of the units (or individuals visiting another unit) participate together, as little confusion happens as possible. The entire Brigade usually gets together only once every five years (or more!) - for Waterloo! In North America, Napoleonic era events also occur along with War of 1812 events.

Formerly known just as the Worldwide Highland Brigade, we have added "Scottish" to our title as units portraying other Scottish, but not Highlander, regiments of the Napoleonic era wished to be a part of our community.


"Twas on the 18th day of June Napoleon did advance
The finest troops that he could raise within the bounds of France
Their glitering Eagles flew above and proudly showed them to
But Britain's lion tore their wings on the plain of Waterloo

Then let the place remain a waste, a terror to the foe,
That when trembling Frenchmen pass this way they'll think of WATERLOO."
(from the Ballad of Waterloo)

The 190th Anniversary of the Battle.

The big June 2000 reenactment of Waterloo was canceled by the Belgian authorities!

In 1995 the Highland Brigade boasted 100 on the field - one of the largest units present. Our goal is to someday field 200! Be there with us!

Waterloo events of varying size occur each June, usually at and hosted by the village of Plancenoit. Even though there may not be a "Big" event in June 2005 for the 190th Anniversary, many are planning on participating anyway!

*BE AWARE* -- Highland units and individuals participating at any events may be brigaded with the World Wide Highland Brigade. Do not worry, however, as "Unit Integrity" will be maintained as much as possible! (Units will be kept together and placed in formation as their own "company" or "section".)


Waterloo 1995

The Ladies of the Highland Brigade, Waterloo 1995.
A force to be reckoned with in their own right!

CLICK HERE to visit the Waterloo Reenactment Picture Gallery.


By some sort of mutual consent of all the units around the globe (they must all be drunk!), the "de facto" WWH Brigade Commander is the esteemed, or sometimes simply steamed, Colonel B. Jennings, of the 93rd Highland Reg't. (Click here for promotion announcement.)
Pictured above, the Colonel as we like to see him -- kitted out for battle, spattered in mud, ready to bite the heads off frogs...
The reproduction Gold Cross worn by the Colonel is an honour actually earned as per guidelines set down in the Napoleonic Association of having held a command position in at least five "overseas" battles. Col. Jennings has surpassed that number.
The silver brooch on his shoulder plaid was presented to him by the pipers of the 42nd RHR-UK during Waterloo '95.
Be nice to the old sot and he'll buy you a pint!


Waterloo 1990



Waterloo 1990
The Units of the Worldwide Scottish & Highland Brigade online:

The 92nd in the Netherlands have also put up a WWHB section and a Discussion Forum as part of their above website. Check it out!

There is also a multi-era Highland/Scottish regiment message board forum you may wish to see: Scottish History and Reenactors Message Board


Send your latest despatch by Email to the WWHB "HQ": HQ3rd
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