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More photos to come!

In the meantime, why not enjoy the photos in our Battle of Waterloo Gallery?

Battle of New Orleans event, January 2000.
The major discusses the events of 185 years ago with visitors.

Piper Pratt gives some nightime encouragement.

2001 -- Some of the lads enjoy a bit of rest.
The fellow in the black shako cap is from the 4th Regiment.

2001 -- In HQ, three officers also take some time out.
Left to right, we have a Captain of Royal Engineers, a Royal Navy Lieutenant, and a subaltern of the 93rd.

Over in another part of camp, the Major takes a break with the 14th Light Dragoons.
Note -- here we have a good view of BRITISH soldiers who did NOT wear red uniforms! In fact, most British cavalry regiments wore blue coats of one kind or another.
The 14th LD were indeed at New Orleans, but were dismounted for the campaign as not enough local horses could be found to mount the regiment.

Speaking of British soldiers not wearing red...here is another. A member of the famous British 95th Rifle Regiment, who wore dark green uniforms with black leather accoutrements, and were issued the very reliable "Baker" military rifle -- yes, RIFLE. There were 500 men of the 95th present in the New Orleans campaign.

For more photos, please go down the hall to the next gallery room. (click here)