Quartermaster Stores

NOTE: We are not merchants, nor is this an online "store". The items shown below are for informational and educational purposes. All Photos: All Rights Reserved, 93rd SHRoFLHU, Inc. 1999.

OR's Feather Bonnet badge, circa 1815. (Repro made by Twist Miniatures, Canada.)

Above, left: An original 93rd belt plate, circa 1810 -1820. Above, right: A Repro plate based on the original. The Repros are made slightly different on purpose so as to be distinguishable from originals. This is so our repros are not mistaken at some future time as "the real thing".
Note that originals had raised insignia, whereas our repros are mostly stamped/indented. Also note the differences in the crowns and the laurel wreaths. (Repro made by Twist Miniatures, Canada.)

Visit again as more will brought up from the back of the QM's shed!


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