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In the meantime, why not enjoy the photos in our Battle of Waterloo Gallery?

You may also view photos of the 93rd taken during the filming of a Battle of New Orleans documentary film for The History Channel. Click Here.

October 2001. Mississinewa 1812 event, Marion, Indiana.
The major is in command of the British line (on horseback),
Ensign Lynch and Corp. McDonald see to the 93rd on the front line.

March 2000. Lewisville, Texas. Celtic Festival.

January 2000. Battle of New Orleans event. Chalmette Battlefield.
Views of the British camp, with modern visitors learning some history.

The annual Memorial Ceremony with Honour Guard,
and (right) the Chalmette version of "Checkpoint Charlie".

Bird's eye view of the 93rd display at the Texas Scottish Festival, 1999.
93rd Colour Guard leads the way during Texas Scottish Festival Opening Ceremonies.
Visitors in the 93rd Display at Texas Scottish Festival.

Time Warp: Major Creagh (Jennings) of the 93rd Reg't of Foot and Major McCrow of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders meet at Chalmette Battlefield, New Orleans, January 1994.

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